September 7, 2016

Zero Tolerance Approach Needed Towards Fish Farm Illegalities

Photo: Stop The Slime/ Facebook

fish4tomorrow is concerned by the Planning Authority’s decision to suspend their decision on revoking permits for local fish farms on the 6th September 2016. fish4tomorrow is calling for fish farm operators to work more responsibly and for the Planning Authority to take a zero tolerance stance on illegalities.

The aquaculture industry has the potential to alleviate pressure on wild fish stocks however a lot of work still needs to be done to ensure this. “Aquaculture, like agriculture, can have many benefits as a main producer of food for human consumption. Also like the agriculture industry, the aquaculture industry needs to be well monitored and controlled to avoid any negative impacts it has on the environment and, subsequently, the people who live and frequent the surrounding areas in which it operates.” said JD Farrugia, the fish4tomorrow Director. “Fish farms operate and make use of a common resource, the sea. The public therefore expects that that the people responsible for the farms operate in a respectful manner. Furthermore it is the Planning Authority’s responsibility to ensure that the public’s best interests are put first rather than the private sector’s.”

fish4tomorrow echoes the public’s annoyance with the Planning Authority and is asking that abuses and illegalities, both on land and at sea, are not sanctioned but rather eliminated completely.